Aug 29, 2009


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Aug 26, 2009

Month of July

I am thinking that I will do these up-dates by the month. It's hard for me to remember to do this.

It's a fun thing and it would be nice if you guys leave a comment to let me know if you seen the page ok.

Ok.. so this would be for July.

This was one of the best concerts I seen in a long time.This is his web site. Ivan Parker. If you like Christian music you can check him out. We plan to go to his next concert here in Danville, it will be a our church home Cross Roads.

On to some family stuff.. the 4th. of July was really a fun day with most of the family was here to help celebrate Mike and Tish 25th. Anniversary. Of course I am going to show you pictures, it wouldn't be fun if I didn't. First I must tell you it rain the whole day, it was just like Christmas with every in doors. We can't have all perfect days.. this was a day of practicing patients. I love my family.

Doesn't Mike and Tish have a beautiful family... Shelby and JoAnna.. and their new puppy, Jake.

Now here is the picture you been waiting on... remember I said it rain all day. Vikki and I had it all planned to have the family group in front of the house .. this is Vikki and I showing here we needed to be....

Here we are!!!

Here are some more pictures of the 4th. You can click on them to make to see them larger..(get a better look)

Tish, Shelby and JoAnna Dalton, Curt and Matt

Marci and Dalton Jake and Magen Chuck cooking hot dogs.""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5374303942756767282" />

Brenton and kids playing the WII
If any of you that has picture you would like to share send to me.

This is it for the month of July...