Apr 30, 2009


The Swans are back....I went out to see what Dale was up to.. and this is what I seen... love the swans.

Love and Kiss Mom!

Galene Illinois, April 18-25

Illinois isn't all about .. corn..,
This was a fun vacation, four of us gals planned this trip last about Oct. Only two of us made the trip.

This is where we stayed.

Yes, we looked at Grants Home.. really we did.

We took lots of pictures, ask to see them some time.
Love Mom


This is the first BIG caught of the spring... WALLEYE...3lbs. and 22 in. long.. caught in our lake. Boy, he was the best eaten fish ever.

Visiting great grand daughter

I was so happy to have my oldest great grand child come and visit me a short time Easter week end. We made a card together and had lunch at one of our favorite places... Taco Bell. She is growing to fast.